Digital Work

“Sea Shells” Watercolor digitally edited   “Zen” “Zen – Movement” Oyster “Drooling” (Inktober prompt)   Chicken (Inktober prompt)   “Exhausted” (Inktober prompt)   “Ink”   “一命” ichimei – Life   “Black Sun”   “Creature Creature” “Heart is Bigger”   “Red Wreath of Wrath”   “Tulips”     “One Stroke Sun”   “White Stroke”     “Light Carving”     “Horizon”     “Batik Universe”   “Flower in Three Dyes”   “HIbiscus”         “Earthly Circles”   “Energy Circles” “Fractal Wings”   “Illuminated” “十人十色” –  ( ‘Ten people, ten colors’ ,  or as in English: Different strokes for different folk)   “Disturbance”   “Shell Comma Life”     “あなたは太陽” (You are the sun) Inspired by song lyrics Juno Reactor – “Samurai” This can be ordered as postcards or as smaller sized Posters. It is made in Adobe Photoshop and contains over 2,5 million pixels. I painted each by hand with a 1 pixel brush, using a wacom tablet and pen. I originally painted this motif with Ink pens, Prismacolor pencilsand watercolor. You can see it here: You are my Sunshine   You are my sunshine Close up You are my sunshine - close up   Sometimes I just sit and have fun with Adobe Illustrator. Do you want to have your name done? It can be custom ordered and printed on pins or postcards for example. yellow_tube_cei_10190   This is part of a series of “messages” Im drawing. Message #1. I Love You I love you Message #2. Thank You Thank You Message #3.  “For a Rainy Day” Rain Message WM   Sometimes I play with words… “Sunshine” Sunshine   “Flower Power” Flower Power Word WM     Sometimes digital art closely resembles other media. This is a 書道  Shodō inspired circle I made with a single brush stroke in Adobe illustrator. Since it is vector based it can be enlarged without getting blurry. Enso Here is more I have done in Adobe illustrator. It took quite a lot of time to figure out how to get the pattern to line up nicely, without loosing the notion of this being a sphere. transparent globe  ]]>