Wildfires break out in a never before seen frequency and intensity in the island nation of Pai.  The fires and droughts are followed by hurricanes and flooding. In the middle of all this, three friends realize that this is caused by bigger global issues. They need to find out what’s going on. Their beliefs in Pai being a superior nation in the world is shaken to the ground, when they come to understand that they are victims of censorship and government powerplay. They are torn between loyalty to their homeland, to their elder, to their community with a life in perfect harmony, and a nation needing to change now. Shall they obey and stay and try to save Pai, or shall they disobey and break out and connect with the world, and maybe find an even bigger challenge to solve? The three friends attack the issues at hand from very different perspectives; the rational, the emotional and the curious. Each one having their own internal battles they need to overcome in order to do what they can to save their home and the world. They all must let go of attachments to family, possessions, and ideas. They seek out liaisons, mentors, and team members, but it all must be done very carefully and in secrecy.  If the government officials find out about their plans they might be shut down, or even worse, imprisoned and silenced forever. In their adventures, they come across ’the different’, and they discover that their own history might have been redacted, and they need unlearn a lot before they can move on. One of the different is an old wise man in the forest who tells a very contradictory story about the past of the nation, compared to what they have been taught. Is he a traitor, or even a spy, or is he indeed a source of knowledge and wisdom? They need to find out whom they can trust. Will they be able to learn enough about the world, create an international social movement, before it is too late to save us all? XXXX is a story about change. Change internally and change in the world. It is a story about dealing with global threats. It is also an attempt of trying to illuminate what prejudice is and where it is coming from. The story of three friends who managed to unite so many, but will it be soon enough?