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Artist Anna Cei

Hi and Welcome
I have created my first ever online virtual Gallery shows.
This will be a series of 8 galleries where the latest of them will be posted here on the homepage and then moved to another page here on the site as new galleries get released.

Many of the images here are also stroke recorded (when done digitally) and then I added music to a time-lapse video. You can find these on my YouTube channel:

PLEASE consider subscribing to the channel so it can grow!
The videos are short. Most of just a couple of minutes.
They are relaxing and show my art in a different way.
All the art in the Gallery shows can be purchased as prints (framing not included)
during the summer of 2022 ONLY! Please contact the artist at:

Here is Gallery Nr 1
First a video and below you can see them all.

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My YouTube channel:

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